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Passion. Engagement. Aesthetic. Dare

 Dám a unique line of high fashion of clothing designed and fabricated with no compromises. Dare, in particular, affirm the audacity to create and to assume a true state of mind that look like us. Dare has been distinguished without ever shocking. Dare, is also knowing a way to fight in order to win, with no incredible means at its disposal. Dare is not only overcome obstacles to offer the good quality of cloths including stylish and sober but also highly elegant!


After a long but worthy and rich reflexing, a journey that has never been easy, my requirement creativity of Africa has finally realized in this band. My ultimate goal? Magnifying women through employment of gorgeous fabrics and perfect fits. Showing the fashion through my modest eyes. Create what i would like to wear

Dám is not existed by chance; it is the logical outcome of a process that initiated since many years ago. Passionate about the fashion, I spent a lot of time in terms of looking at the collections, trying to understand the look and the genius of great designers and analyzing the whole fashion shows in details… I also observe, around me, in the street, in a show, the manner in which elegant women were dressed. I will even give you a little confidence, I used to take some photos of them, and their style was remarkable


All this deeply fed me. And even though the Burkina Faso is not the best place to get started, I opened soon an imported online selling shop. I was happy, knowing from the depth of my heart that it was only one-step and I would have go further one day, much further…


And Dám arrived… a madness? Maybe! But such an excited adventure…

Of a quality and perfect style, timeless and rare elegance, my clothing are the fruit of a rich co-operation above all human. From Europe, and more precisely from Ukraine, where we create the models with experienced designers to Shanghaï, where the best workshops carry out with care our Blazers, our tailors, and our shirts.

Dám lives first on the exchange. In addition, this is also what I wish to live with every single one of you. Today, me, the small Burkinabe, I am proud and happy to present my brand of clothing of high fashion and train you, you also, even in this the great adventure…

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