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100% refined heavy crepe silk, thickness 30 mm, heavy silk is twice the amount of silk used in ordinary silk fabrics. The fabric is thin, thick, soft, smooth, does not shrink and extremely difficult to hang.

Women’s blouse can be styled in a wide range of ways. Our exemplary silk blouses arrive in an assortment of styles. These silk blouses will not only give you a chic look but are ideal for any event.

The exemplary silk blouse for ladies is custom fitted to emphasize the figure. Worn together with a skirt or jeans, it gives a delicate look.

Then again, business blouses like button shirts are sliced straight and are like men’s shirt styles. Ladies wear these blouses particularly together with a pant at work or with a trouser for an easygoing look.

The latest blouses come in a wide range of styles, and it has been proved that silk blouses have unending styling potential.

All kinds of looks are possible with silk crepe blouses for women, whether you want to be looked classy, elegant or even casual you can your type of look by matching your silk blouse with a skirt, jeans or trousers. The styles of these blouses are appropriate for the business world. Today there are blouses accessible for pretty much every event. These adaptable pieces of clothing can be worn during merry occasions just as on casual outings. Not only the cuts and styles but also the colors and materials have been adapted to suit the manifold occasions for wearing a blouse.

Elegant blouses for a night out are similarly as basic as summer blouses for ladies. That is the reason it’s fairly uncommon to discover only one blouse in a lady’s storage room. Rather, in vogue ladies are continually putting new, special looks together with their blouses. The silk crepe blouses accessible at damcloth.com are altogether made with top notch materials . This label offers plenty of room to express your style. With both lines in your closet, you’re sure to be prepared with a stylish outfit for any occasion that comes your way.

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