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    • Newsilk crepe blouse for women

      100% Silk Crepe Blouse for Women 30mm


      100% Silk crepe Blouse for women  30mm Unique over-sized fit (S-36, M-38, and L-40) Bust/Chest (100) Hips (104) Shoulder (48) Sleeve (56)

    • Brown Silk Crepe Blouse 30mm 100% Silk


      100% silk crepe Blouse  30mm Unique oversize  (S-36 , M-38 et L-40) Bust/Chest (100) Hips (104) Shoulder (48) Sleeve (56) Material 100 % refined heavy silk, Thickness 30m/m,Heavy silk is twice the amount of silk used in ordinary silk fabrics. It is made by special craftsmanship. The fabric is thin…

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