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we want you to shop confidently and with peace of mind. With the help of Our buyer protection which ensures that your purchase is covering in case you have problems.

We cover you

the general guarantees for the buyers allows you to receive  your item on time and as described. Once the period delay expired, you are able to claim a refund that should be done within a maximum of 30 days.

Our commitments to Product quality

We are committed to offering you the items with quality raw materials
Our Blazer Smoking Jacket and Trouser:

  • Minimum 80% cotton to 100%
  • Maximum 20% Elastane
  • Minimum 75%  Wool to 100%
  • Maximum 20% polyester
  • Note : with the exceptions of some pieces which by choice of colors may have a composition of Polyester and viscose(the details will be mentioned on the description of the item)

100% Silk for our blouses « Made in Shanghai »
We guarantee you for the majority of our pieces a maximum of 20% Chemical fiber in the tissue of production while the premium ones like the silk, the cotton and the wool.   

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